PK Pictures takes 360 LIVE to a whole new level with our 360 PLUS product.

What is 360 PLUS you ask? Well, our friends at Nokia were eager to find out so we set it up for their Olympus Release Event earlier this year.

First, 360 PLUS is like any other 360 LIVE stream in that the viewer can look around the room from the comfort of their home or office. For this event, the camera was located front and center with a great view of the stage.

But we go one step further. We insert secondary screens into the image (still LIVE), which allow the viewer to have an up-close shot of the presenter, the slideshow, or other materials. This is a fantastic way to make the most of a 360 LIVE stream and ensure that home viewers are entertained and informed just as much (if not more so) as the in-person audience.

Watch the Case Study below to get the full experience of what 360 PLUS can offer.


  • Client: Nokia
  • Date: June 13, 2017
  • Service: 360 PLUS